Oathbreaker Now Available Worldwide!

Available in digital and physical copies.

“[Oathbreaker] sets the stage for another bout of melodic black/death metal that stands head and shoulders above its predecessors.”

“If you’re a fan of Dissection, Opeth or Skeletonwitch, you’ll definitely enjoy Oathbreaker.”

“Oathbreaker is instantly satisfying and offers plenty of instrumental and lyrical depth for follow-up listens.”
-Sputnik Music 

“The first track is a masterstroke of establishing the upcoming hour of metal … There’s something reverent and classical in the arrangements that imbues a dramatic sense.”

“sing-along catchy riffs, riffs that are so beautiful they make you want to dance, ridiculously engaging riffs to the point you want to merge with those metallic lullabies and become one with them”

“It’s still early days yet, but “Oathbreaker” is definitely a contender for album of the year.”

“This album is a beautiful fusion of the strongest forms of metal that were on the rise in the mid ’90s … a display of fretwork that calls to mind the glory days of Opeth… has a nostalgic feeling that will leave many of us remembering why we got into metal in the first place.”

“Multifaceted, meticulously executed, epic in its ambitions and its achievements, this is really impressive.”
-No Clean Singing 

“Hoth know how to work the icy atmosphere angle. Their black metal chills to the bone and is enhanced by absolutely frigid yet expansively epic melodies.”
-Metal Bandcamp

“Going from blasting riffs and beats to softer, acoustic passages this band takes you on a journey with the music and their lyrics putting you right there as if you could visualize the story being told. The musicianship here is incredible and the songwriting is just amazing.”
-The Elitist Metalhead